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Antakya Wooden Chair

This product, which is called wooden chair or wooden chair with wire or old village chair, has started to be very popular recently with its retro and vintage trend being very popular throughout the country. The most preferred reason is that it can be used "outdoors" for a long time. In Antakya, which has a historical structure, such chairs are used in cafes. This form was discovered about a hundred years ago and has survived to the present day. Nostalgic wooden chairs for cafe, restaurant, balcony etc. used in many decorative areas. Even the old outdoor cinema chairs were used from the "wooden chair".
The wooden chair can be painted with cellulosic paints as well as with paints such as spray and oil. After painting wooden chairs, it can be used even longer if "yacht varnish" is thrown on them. Wooden chairs always add warmth to everywhere. They are preferred by many people for years because they are both healthy and ergonomic.
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