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About Us

Deniz Boyar is the right address for economic production without sacrificing quality

Deniz Boyar continues to produce the right solutions in the sector by integrating the knowledge and experience it has with the experience gained since 2004 with its advanced technology and compatible team.
Deniz Boyar, which is one of the important companies in the sector, produces its own designs by targeting customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality and reliability with its stable and determined work.
Knowing that product quality is as important as workmanship as material, Deniz Boyar; At every stage of the production process, it has succeeded in producing economical production without compromising on quality, by carrying out a very meticulous work and, most importantly, with the power of mass production and capacity, and reflected this advantage to its customers.
Our specially designed company uses quality materials in the products. We produce from beech, walnut and chestnut trees.
Having carried out important projects domestically, Deniz Boyar moves its activities abroad and exports chairs and tables to Germany, Romania, Algeria, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iraq. Export is made all over the world upon request.
Together for many more years…


In order to ensure the reliability of our company in the industry and its competitiveness in the national and international markets; To go beyond the needs and expectations of our customers and to produce products and services that will be the firsts with a quality understanding that is open to continuous improvement. To steer the sector with the awareness of its innovative identity.


To be one of the leading and pioneering institutions in the national and international market in the furniture industry by constantly developing to adapt to changing world conditions.
We are aware that our employees are the biggest guarantee of our product quality and service quality. Therefore, our primary goal is to employ the best manpower.
We believe in the power of creating a peaceful working environment, team spirit, common synergy and communication. We enable vocational training and development and reward success in order to add value to our employees.


Our success in furniture design and production process; We owe it to our work without compromising comfort, usability and quality. We owe our understanding of carrying us to today, our ability to follow the ever-changing technology and ever-changing trends and make the right decisions at the right time. The unique designs in the furniture we manufacture depend on the firm-customer intimacy relationship created in the past.



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